Linda Crocker

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent


Dr. Rick Carr

Superintendent's Message


Welcome to the Mountain View School District.  Our district has experienced a long and cherished reputation for high academic standards and student performance.  The quality reputation our district enjoys has been achieved through the hard work and diligence of our staff members, both at the school sites and district office.  Exceptional student achievement and performance are the result of high quality instruction by a committed staff of professionals dedicated to the success of children.  Our district’s academic program is aligned with California’s curricular standards, which includes the use of standards-aligned, state and district approved textbooks and materials. Staff members receive professional development to ensure continued quality instruction in the classroom.

Mountain View School District has within its attendance boundaries, three elementary schools: Mountain View Elementary School, Creek View Elementary School, and Ranch View Elementary School, all of which educate children in grades K-5.  We also have one middle school, Grace Yokley Middle School educating children in grades 6-8. All four schools are beautifully maintained facilities offering students a challenging and enriched academic program.

The most recent release of the spring 2013 STAR test scores indicates that our students do very well academically.  The state has established an Academic Performance Index (API) target of 800 for all schools and districts in California.  In 2013, our district’s API score was (819).  Each of our elementary schools has an API score above the established 800 threshold: Creek View (862), Ranch View (828), and Mountain View (846).  Our middle school, Grace Yokley has an API score of (789).

Mountain View School District has experienced a decline in student enrollment over the last few years, but the decline does seem to have leveled off.  We anticipate that our enrollment in 2014-2015 will be similar to that in 2013-2014.  Even though we know the recent decline over the last few years is temporary, it does have a significant impact on our budget.  Adjustments in spending are made to coincide with the funding received by the district.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I encourage you to explore its contents, which are continually updated to provide you with the most current information regarding our district and schools.  The district website has links to each of our schools for your convenience.


Rick Carr, Ed.D.