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On-Campus Discovery Center

The Explorer Program focuses on building literacy skills to further support academic success. This program provides an opportunity for children to reinforce and build on their current literacy skills using an engaging, hands-on approach. 

 Mrs. Henningsen, RVS

Mrs. Durbin, CVS

Mrs. Paterson, MVS

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Discovery Center Teachers

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Mrs. Henningsen

Ranch View

Mrs. Durbin

Creek View


Mrs. Paterson

Mountain View





GYS 6-8 Math




About the program:

MVSD provides one Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) and one Instructional Aide at each elementary site to offer remediation and/or enrichment to students as well as professional development and support for teachers.




Discovery Center Resources

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Word of the Week Videos for Academic Vocabulary

with Mrs. Henningsen and Mrs, Durbin

Week 1 describe Week 2 compare Week 3 sequence
Week 4 character Week 5 identify Week 6 support
Week 7 edit Week source Week argue
Week 10 dialogue Week 11 purpose Week 12 analyze
Week 13 collaborate Week 14 inform Week 15 opinion
Week 16 justify Week 17 determine Week 18 create
Week 19 evidence Week 20 examine Week 21 conclusion
Week 22 elaborate Week 23 interpret Week 24 passage

Audio Center for Explorers

Reading Links

I Read Storybooks

Online read alouds


Newsela is an innovative way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news. It's easy and amazing!  


Kid's news with current event articles great for annotating.

Close Reading

Dave Stuart Jr. of the "A Non-Freaked Out Approach to Common Core" website offers an amazing breakdown of how to incorporate close reading into all types of text. Visit the link to get a crash-course on teaching your students how to slow down and interact with texts of all types.

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Smarter Balanced testing requires students to take their state test on a computer or Chromebook. This means that our students are being asked to use a mouse, trackpad, and a keyboard to demonstrate their subject proficiency. Proficiency writing a paper on a computer takes lots of practice.  Use the links below to refine your keyboarding skills. 


Read Aloud 15 Minutes 

When every child is read aloud to for 15 minutes every day from birth, more children will be ready to learn when they enter kindergarten, more children will have the literacy skills needed to succeed in school, and more children will be prepared for a productive and meaningful life after school.

Storyline Online 

Developed by The Screen Actors Guild Foundation, Storyline Online features accomplished actors and actresses reading some of their favorite children’s books.

International Children's Digital Library 

Discover books from around the world at the International Children’s Digital Library.  The free site does not read the books aloud, but students can read them independently during Read to Self or free time.


Storynory features a collection of original, fairytale, and classic children’s audio stories.  Students can follow along with the story as it is read to them, as the text is also included on the site.


Children can listen to short stories read aloud to them as they follow along with the highlighted text.  ABCya! has a variety of educational games in addition to the featured stories.