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Opportunities and Information


(Updated: MARCH 22, 2018)


(Currently No Vacancies)


(Currently No Vacancies)


Transfer requests must be made within classification only.

To request a transfer complete the TRANSFER FORM.

(Currently No Vacancies)



The following positions are currently posted as vacant and available for IN-HOUSE APPLICATION.

You must complete the IN-HOUSE APPLICATION and return it to the district office by the due date. Only completed applications will be accepted. Interviews will take place in late July.

(Currently No Vacancies)


Additional classified positions will be posted on an on-going basis.  Please revisit this website regularly during the school year!  



(Currently No Vacancies)



We are currently accepting applications.



Job openings are posted on EdJoin. Our web page provides general information about personnel services.



Mountain View School District is a small district with a strong sense of family and community. Mountain View School District's personnel department strives to foster a cohesive educational work environment based on mutual respect and collaboration. Every employee of Mountain View School District brings unique talents and skills to our community of educators and learners. Together certificated, classified and management groups make Mountain View School District a well-respected district that succeeds in providing a top quality education for our community. We provide a safe and productive work environment. We regularly review and revise our policies and procedures to stay current with local, state and federal laws. Mountain View School District seeks employees who share our common vision and dedication. We seek highly qualified individuals who embrace the needs of students today while seeking innovations for our future.



Mountain View School District is highly selective in our hiring process.

All applications are screened thoroughly to determine if candidates are an appropriate match for our district.

Competitive interviews seek to determine the best match for our district today and tomorrow.

We encourage you to check back regularly for openings in your area of interest.



* I already work for MVSD. How do I apply for transfer or reassignment? 

Classified Employees may apply for a transfer or reassignment using the CSEA Transfer Request. You may only request a transfer to an OPEN POSITION and your completed request must be received by our office by the stated deadline. The form may be scanned or hand delivered to NICOLE LEONARD at the District Office.

Certificated Employees may apply for transfer via the AMVT Request for Transfer. Your request may be scanned, emailed or hand delivered to NICOLE LEONARD at the District Office before the deadline.

* What does IN HOUSE ONLY mean?

IN HOUSE means that only CURRENT employees of Mountain View School District may apply for the position. It is possible that a position will be reflown to outside candidates but IN HOUSE is for IN HOUSE applicants only. In House applicants must be permanent employees in one of our unions. Substitute and Temporary employees ARE NOT considered to be IN HOUSE applicants.



* What does IN HOUSE ONLY mean?

IN HOUSE means that only CURRENT employees of Mountain View School District may apply for the position. You may not apply for positions indicating IN HOUSE ONLY. Applicants that do not hold permanent status in MVSD are not able to be considered for these positions.

* What is a pool?

A pool is a group of applicants that are reviewed regularly. You can submit an application anytime. When the district has a personnel need then we go to the pool to find potential candidates from the applicants who have applied. Please DO NOT call the district office to inquire about the status of your application. EdJoin will let you know you have successfully submitted an application. You will then need to wait to receive a call AFTER we go to the pool for possible applicants.

* How long does my information stay in the pool? 

The personnel cycle resets on July 1st of every year. You would need to apply again after July 1, 2017 if you did not receive a contract offer before June 30, 2017.

* Can I submit a paper application to the district?

No. Only electronic application via EDJOIN will be accepted. ALL required documents must be in your EDJOIN application to be considered for employment.

* How do I apply for employment with Mountain View School District?

  • View the job description/job fly.
  • Complete an application.
  • Follow all directions and provide required documents.
  • Please be mindful of requirements. Only complete applications will be considered.

* How do I apply to be a substitute teacher? 

Apply via EDJOIN. The minimum requirements for substitute teaching in MVSD include: 

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • Official transcripts
  • Passing test scores from the CBEST test
  • Security and Criminal Record Clearance
  • Out of state applicants will be required to meet California Credential and Permit Requirements.
  • NOTE: ALL SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS must complete State Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Training offered online by the district. You must complete this training during your first 30 days of employment with the district and then again during the first 30 days of each subsequent school year. We do accept training completed in other districts.

Mountain View School District

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, creed, marital status, age, orientation or disability in our programs, activities, or employment practices as required by the Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, Section 504, and ADA regulations.

We are a smoke/tobacco free workplace.

We maintain facilities that are accessible to individuals with disabilities.