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Energy/Resource Management

Managing Our Use of California's Resources


Mountain View School District actively participates in energy awareness and conversation. Our schools and district office operate in ways that mindfully utilize energy resources. A kilowatt not used is the best energy savings measure possible. Energy Audits are conducted regularly to assist the district in understanding energy use and ways to utilize far fewer resources during noneducational times. The district partners with Cenergistic to assist with analyzing our energy use. Our Energy Specialist is Sheri Henningsen. Ms. Henningsen is available to answer questions or address concerns related to the district's energy use. We encourage all staff, students and community member to view the Mountain View School District Energy Education website by clicking MVSD Energy Education.

Energy Star

Mountain View School District is proud to have all of our district facilities listed as Energy Star Facilities!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awards the ENERGY STAR to buildings that use 35% less energy and generate 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar buildings across the nation.

The 2015 Awards were given to:

Creek View School

Grace Yokley School

Mountain View School

Ranch View School

District Office

The district also had 4 buildings given the award in 2014.

Current Resource Management Projects

MVSD is currently investing in turf renovation and xeriscape projects. Xeriscaping is landscaping that is designed to grow well in Southern California's Mediterranean climate. Plants are designed to withstand heat and thrive with minimal water and plenty of sunshine. Mulch is used to fill in the spaces between plants. As the plants grow into maturity less mulch is needed. The water savings from xeriscape projects is significant. The savings helps with California's limited water supplies, on going drought periods and the district's budget. Money that would have been spent on water can be spent on other projects to enhance our facilities and operations.

Xeriscapes can been seen at Grace Yokley Middle School. A new xeriscape project is currently underway at Creek View School.

Resource Management in the Future

Mountain View School District is currently exploring a wide range of projects to assist with resource management in the near future. We seek to maintain innovation and inspiration in our endeavors to be good stewards of our fiscal and environmental resources.

Projects Currently Under Review Include:

Solar Generation on all Campuses

Updated/Enhanced Outdoor Lighting

Replacement of Inefficient HVAC with more energy efficient units

Irrigation Management through Phase Shift Irrigation and Aeration

Xeriscape Projects utilizing drought tolerant California native plants