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Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Mountain View School District's Vision

Mountain View School District is a school community whose members focus on the whole child: ensuring each child is safe, that each child's needs are met, and that each child is provided an education of the highest quality.

Mountain View School District's Mission

Our continuing mission at Mountain View School District is to provide a foundation for sustained educational excellence for students and staff by setting clear goals and high expectations in a safe and trusting environment that supports individual success.

Mountain View School District's Beliefs

We believe:

  • Children come first

  • All students can achieve

  • Every child is unique

  • All students must feel safe and accepted

  • Caring and trusting relationships enhance learning

  • Diversity is enriching and is to be celebrated

  • Personal integrity is expected for all school community members

  • A true school community values all its members

  • Relationships are the foundation of the organization

  • The culture of the school and district must reflect unity of purpose and values

  • New directions must be carefully chosen, and then we must stay the course

  • Real growth requires both risk-taking and reflection

  • Fiscal solvency is the responsibility of all

  • Effective classroom management techniques and student study skills will lead to student success

  • Communication between parents, teachers, staff, community and the Board will lead to a strong and unified school district

Mission Statement