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Maureen Sweeney, Member

Maureen Sweeney


Mrs. Maureen Sweeney was born in Brooklyn, New York. She relocated to Southern California with her parents and nine siblings as a child. She moved to South Ontario with her husband, Mike, in December 1977.

Mrs. Sweeney is the proud mother of eight children and has been blessed with twenty-six grandchildren, 13 boys and 13 girls! Her family is extremely active and involved in education with eight members of her family working as local educators.

Mrs. Sweeney has provided childcare for hundreds of children in the Mountain View community and is extremely active as a volunteer at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church. She has volunteered for decades and assisted organizations including AYSO, Ontario Mountain View Little League and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.

Maureen Sweeney is committed to the Mountain View School District and the community. She is a strong proponent of cooperative management and feels the District is best served by encouraging a collaborative management team comprised of parents, students and teachers. She wants to make certain the District maintains the small family atmosphere it has always been noted for.

Maureen is always available to any community member or stakeholder who has a question or concern.

Mrs. Sweeney's term of office will expire in November 30, 2020.