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Technology: Students

RUP: Responsible Use Policy

As students utilize technology for collaboration, communication and creativity, it is imperative that they understand what the expectations are for them as digital learners

School-to-Home Communication

Parents and guardians can not communicate with all teachers through one easy to access location: ClassTag. ClassTag is an application which enables teachers, the school office or even the district to communicate with one or all parents.

Vetted Applications

Students have access to various applications which aim to support teachers in the classroom. As apps are developed, often for profit, MVSD has developed processes to vet apps for use by students. Only those which meet the qualifications that protect our students will be allowed.


ClassLink provides students access to all of their apps in one easy to locate place. Students may also bookmark their favorite sites and save passwords in their Launchpad for ease of access and good digital citizenship.


Students use Chromebooks on a daily bases in many cases. While some students take their Chromebook home daily, others use their Chromebook in class and remain in the classroom for charging each night.